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READnSEE is  an organization that seeks to encourage more people to pursue non-standard education and experiences through reading. READnSEE wants people to READ more so they can SEE more; see more opportunity, more purpose, more connections, and more similarity between people. By quantifying non-standard education, we will champion intellectual individualism.

Every book we read is an experience that impacts who we are as individuals. Little by little, these experiences influence our world view. Our mission is to create a new standard for intellectual individualism by quantifying the value of informal education. We seek to build a network of individuals and organizations that allows users to easily identify and interact with well-rounded, non-standard intellectuals with unique experiences.


Our vision is to encourage a more thoughtful population by acting as a knowledge-building, tracking, and validation platform that gives equal access to all.

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Erica G.

READnSEE Score: 96

Books Read: 542

Podcasts: 127

Knowledge Tests Taken: 605 

Favorite Book: Mass Flourishing, Edmund Phelps

Formative Experience: Growing up in Europe I became fluent in 3 different languages. I realized each language had different concepts that could not be conveyed in the other languages. This helped me understand how uniquely different the human experience can be from one person to the next. 

About me: Hi I'm Erica. I am currently a college sophomore  I've always been an avid reader, and I joined READnSEE when I was still in High School. My READnSEE profile definitely helped during the college application process! I want to become a doctor and I've been building my profile in order to make myself more competitive when I apply to medical school.

Michael J.

READnSEE Score: 98

Books Read: 857

Podcasts: 492

Open Source Courses: 26

Knowledge Tests Taken: 1,261

Favorite Book: Smart People Should Build Things, Andrew Yang

About me: I'm Michael; due to family obligations I never had the chance to attend college, but I won't let that hold me back. I took it upon myself to further my own education. Knowledge and self-development are very important to me. There are plenty of resources available for self-development, but READnSEE is the first platform that allows me to track and quantify my hard work. Although I don't have a college degree, thanks to my READnSEE profile I am confident I can compete for any position!

Jason M.

READnSEE Score: 94

Books Read: 442

Podcasts: 542

Knowledge Tests Taken: 788

Favorite Book: Innovation You, Jeff DeGraff

About me: Hi I'm Jason. I currently work as a Financial Advisor for a major bank. I'm looking for a new challenge and have decided to start my own Financial Advising business. I'm currently building my book of clients and looking for potential partners and employees. As you can see from my profile, I specialize in Fixed Income investing. I'm looking for partners and employees with profiles that indicate strong interest in Equity Investing and marketing.

Who are YOU?

"An individual's value goes far deeper than their work experience or where they went to school. Other individual intellectual experiences have long been discounted, because until now, they could not be accurately measured."       

- Paul Mattick, President & CEO of Northern Nevada Flooring

A College Education is valuable in and of itself, but it is significantly more valuable when others know you have it. Employers, parents, and society at large have an active interest in whether you have a degree, which adds additional value. Why isn't the same true of books, podcasts, and open source courses? Because there's never been a way to accurately quantify these individual intellectual achievements. READnSEE hopes to change this. 


Think of the READnSEE platform as your personal achievement advocate. 

For Recruiters

Have you ever read a book, or a set of books that describe either an organizational culture that you want, or an organizational culture that you strive for? Or perhaps a book that describes a set of problems in your organization that you'd wish to eliminate? Have you thought about building a reading list for your organization that can lay the groundwork for the culture you are building? READnSEE can screen for candidates that have read the books on your reading list, or otherwise promote your specific reading list to build a pool of candidates that will be a cultural fit!

For Job Seekers

Set yourself apart on job applications by having a strong READnSEE profile. We are quickly expanding partnerships with businesses that evaluate your READnSEE profile during the hiring process. Pretty soon this will become a no-brainer for all organizations. Not having a college degree isn’t the limitation that it used to be. READnSEE is the alternative. If you do have a college degree, set yourself apart from competitors who also have a college degree but a weak READnSEE profile.

For Business Partnerships

No one person can be an expert in everything. In order to reach our potential, we need good people around us who can complement our skillset. READnSEE will allow you to review the READnSEE profile of potential partners to see if your skillsets are complimentary. Additionally, READnSEE will allow you to complete a self-analysis, which will allow us to provide high-quality partnership recommendations. We intend to facilitate and grow a dedicated community of READnSEE entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, to help users grow successful new businesses!

For Friends

READnSEE will enable you to connect with other intellectuals who have read similar books and have listed to similar podcasts. However, READnSEE encourages users to step outside of their intellectual comfort zone. Based on READnSEE profiles, we will recommend connections of similar profiles, but more importantly we will recommend dissimilar profiles of individuals who may be able to offer new and interesting perspectives. The goal of READnSEE connections is for a diverse group of users to find common ground! 

Please provide feedback to give us a better understanding of how we can meet your needs. 

Organizational Reading Lists: Your organization may have a unique reading list for employees to help build and maintain a cohesive culture. Please submit organizational reading lists here if you are interested in having candidates referred who have met your reading list requirements! 

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